Hey scotty! my 1986 lincoln town car has a intermittent stalling problem. ive taken it to a mechanic a few times and have had a full tune up done, the MAP sensor replaced and the idol reset to manufacture specifications. i also replaced the fuel filter, air filter, ignition control module, and fuel pump relay i found under the hood. i also have sprayed some wd40 in the idol control valve throttle plate area or whatever its called and wiped out any carbon around there (were the plastic air filter thing connects to the motor)

my fuel pump has this high pitch buzz in the back of the car the whole time the engines running including while driving. Now it idols smooth, drives smooth initially. the fuel pressure reads 40 psi. i personally think something is heating up though, not sure if its the fuel pump or what. but my reason for thinking somethings heating up is the engine instantly shuts off after a certain amount of driving and parking has been done for the day, itll start back up if i let it sit 15mins or more, but will stall out again unless i let it sit overnight. Then i can drive and park it for the same time frame as the day before, before it will shut off again, usually while driving. it does this after the exact amount of time driving / parking has past pretty much exactly give or take 10 mins.

heres how it goes from cold start, begining of day. ill start it up, idols fine, drives smooth no jerks or anything.

ill drive it 25 mins

park it engine off 15 mins

drive it 10 mins

park engine off 10 mins

drive 10 mins (at this point i can feel random slight jerks occasionally while driving this point onward)

park engine off 2 hours

drive 10 mins (random jerks here too, usually this happens 90% 5 mins before the motor randomly shuts off, like a warning sign)

park engine off 1 hour 30 mins

drive 10 mins, ( at this point the engine will literally just shut off while im driving, usually going 35mph-45mh, ill feel/hear it not running anymore, the radio and power is still on, the brakes are harder to press, ill then coast into a parking lot.)

if it doesnt stall then, ill park somewere and it wont turn over, itll just choke. Only way for me to be able to drive it again is to let it sit for about 4ish hours or over night. Then i can repeat the steps above, and without fail, the motor shuts off or wont start when i get to the end of those steps and do them exactly as before. which makes me think something is heating up. i just dont know what.

Please advice scotty Dx

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Here is something I'd try - I had a situation just like yours and it turned out that the fuel pump would run for a while then overheat as the fuel warmed up - your problem might get worse or times shorten the less fuel there is the tank since it will warm quicker - I'd check the fuel pressure when it dies - if it does you've had a bad pump all along


i feel ya, but i already replaced that part, and even relocated it off the distributor. it has to be something else.



on those, often a bad ignition control module in my experience. when it dies and won't restart, do this video to find the culprit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=064Ilsz8Fzg&t=1s