Hey Scotty. More advice, please. I took your advice and went down to that mechanic shop to confront them about my 2000 Lexus LX 470. I downloaded all the all data diagrams and went in demanding answers.

My truck was up on the lift with driver side passenger tire off - hub off etc and all the parts for other work that needed to be completed. They haven't even started on anything and it's been in there for 2 full weeks.

They took me into the bay to show me the issues and part they are waiting on. So on the Lexus the steering knuckle and spindle is one full assembly. They said on the end of the spindle where it is threaded got damaged by the locknut that sits on the end of the spindle which is why there is a hold up since they had to order a used knuckle/spindle. They said when you put the lock nut on i'll need all the thread i can get and allegedly the current lock nut was loose and damaged the threads on the original spindle (according to them).

Is this a possibility? The car has 200k miles on it. Is it a legitimate problem that could happen in the realm of possibilities? I'm asking because they still have my vehicle since it's disassembled up on the bay.

I am trying to gather all the information i can in case I have to take these guys to court and sue them. But I don't want to jump the gun in case I could be incorrect. That's why i'm asking you since you're the most knowledgeable person around who knows about cars.


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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


They could have gotten used parts a long time before this. But I have no idea if they messed it up or if it broke itself

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