Hey scotty, me and my friend are fixing up his 1991 chevy caprice. It sat in the driveway for 3 years before we started, and didnt quite drive right befire that. We were sure the reason the car wouldnt start was the fuel pump (it started with starting fluid) so we changed the pump out turned the ignition and it fired right up! However after we changed the oil the next day, the car did not start. (Before that the fuel pump was very audible, now we cant hear it) We checked the injectors ( you can see them if you take of the intake) and they were barley dribbleing. We have checked all the fuses, changed the fuel filter, checked the relays, cleaned the injectors, still nothing. We have killed the battery a few times trying to get it started. We really dont know what else to do. It Still starts on starter fluid and now nothing comes out of the injectors (we tested them using carb cleaner and a 9 volt battery, they still spray fine) both of them do the same thing so im pretty sure the injectors are fine. I really dont know what else could be wrong at this point.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


try a new distributor, fuel injection sensors are inside there and often break.