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I own a 1996 Ford Probe - and I've been experiencing some issues when accelerating a bit harder while at low revs where the engine accelerating seems a bit stuttery (and the loud exhaust on the back makes the sounds very clear when it stutters a bit). Today however accelerating out of a roundabout in 2nd gear (with plenty of revs) for the first time it did stutter once which was pretty extreme considering going from all acceleration to none for a second really threw me around. another odd symptom occurred when sitting in neutral parked idling waiting for a car barge and the engine would just lose revs here and there, and sometimes stall. the car has a pod filter with perhaps a fairly dodgy hose on it, I was wondering if you think the air intake could be causing the issue for acceleration? would it be worth perhaps checking for any vacuum leaks?

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pressure test the fuel pump first, weak ones do that. But if intake has a big enough air leak, it will do just that. Normally it will trip a code for running lean then though