Hey Scotty, love your YouTube channel, I also get a kick out of all the backyard mechanic…


Hey Scotty, love your YouTube channel, I also get a kick out of all the backyard mechanic millennials that parody you. Anyway, I've been working on cars myself on the side for 20 years, I'm sort of stumped on this one. My 2015 Scion xB, with the ancient 4 speed A/T, leased it new, no problems. After about 30k miles or so, noticed a "clunking" feeling (no sound, just a jerking movement) coming from the transaxle, happens when it's hot outside (like 70F plus), happens more in stop and go traffic, and happens in two instances: Deceleration approaching a stop (coming back into 1st gear), and also happens when I'm in top gear doing say 40mph, when I let off the gas to coast, instead of the RPMs staying stable, engine speed will suddenly nosedive to 1000 RPMs, before the computer bumps it back up really fast, causing the clunk again. Does it more frequently when the A/C is running, but also happens when it's not. If I startup the car to drive it 6 times in a day, it may do it only half the time (on 3 startups). In bumper-to-bumper traffic, on really hot days (95F+) it'll clunk REALLY BAD constantly. No CEL at all. I flushed the tranny fluid once with Toyota WS (12 quarts), helped a little but then after the new fluid "set in" it started up again. I went to a few Toyota forums, where many Toyota guys use a replacement for WS, one of the replacements that a lot of guys use is Valvoline Maxlife ATF, which, according to Valvoline meets Toyota WS standards. It's fully synthetic and pretty cheap, about $18 for a gallon vs. Redline and Amsoil that charge around $11/quart for their stuff. I flushed out 12 quarts using the Valvoline Maxlife ATF, it was great the first week, but yet again, after the fluid "set in" the clunking came back. A buddy of mine who owns a shop told me to unplug the battery and connect it again so the ECU can relearn. I unplugged it overnight, next morning I hooked up the battery, ran it for 15 mins with no loads like A/C, etc. Then I shut it off and turned it on again, and went for a drive, it felt really good, thought I had fixed it, until the clunk came back again. I have owned other cars, including Chrysler products with this same problem, but I drive this Scion daily and it's beginning to wear on me now. Car has 53k miles on it now, looking to put back the Toyota WS soon since the Valvoline Maxlife didn't really do much in the way of alleviating the problem. Other than that, gear-to-gear shifting is fine. Any ideas?? Thanks!

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try the toyota fluid, but really, they are cheaper made than before and many I work on have such a clunk but work fine