Hey Scotty love your videos gotta 2007 gmc yukon xl denali 6.2 awd its my pos 245k and one day drove it to the bk down the street and all the sudden truck just stops while im doing around 15 put it in reverse stopped again will hardly move without stopping on its own ever couple seconds now im only coasting with harzards on took about 15 mins to get into my driveway sounds like some scraping / grinding going on in the front of vehicle its loud to when it happens kinda feel like brakes are locking up rotors are new and they look kinda burnt but was doing this before and still doing it now calipers seemed to be fine when i changed rotors and pads oh and abs light is on any advice?

do jack it up and see if brakes are locking up. ABS light is on, could be a bad ABS modulator

Ok thanks i will try it out