hey Scotty love your channel man. and subscribed. i wanted to see if you can please help me out with a problem that im having with my 2008 BMW 335i Twin turbocharged engine. (Its the E90 N54 engine) ive had MANY PROBLEM WITH IT TILL NOW i want to get it in stable condition and sell it after but im getting a very specific code P2088 and i cant seem to find what the specific issue is. i couldn't find anything online or a video on youtube that would help me figure it out. ive changed so many part to new ones. ive changed my high pressure fuel pump, my spark plugs, coils, changed all my vacuum lines, crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor, my charge pipe, vanos solinoids, a new head gasket, did an oil change and even cleaned out my intake manifold and the insides of my intake valves.....:( ive done everything by myself to save 1000's of dollars on maintenance charges. im getting all the light on my dash including the engine malfuction low power mod( Limp mode) and i have barely any power and really low boost from the turbo because of being in that mode....im running out of ideas as to what could still be the problem......anything that you would suggest????? please i really need to get this problem fixed :(

you can't do serious work like that on a BMW without a dealer scan tool, that innova is useless for that kind of intense repairs. Could be a computer circuit failure, computer failure, driver failure, lots of things. without that tool, you're just pissing in the wind. Have a pro BMW dude check it out and see if it's going to cost a ton and then just sell as is. Those are money pits and have zero resale value anyway.