Hey Scotty, love the show, I turn it on while I'm fixing stuff in my garage. Got a few questions,…


Hey Scotty, love the show, I turn it on while I'm fixing stuff in my garage. Got a few questions, one is for a 2000 Exploder 4.0L.. lol. On startup I get a terrible rattling noise for about a second before oil gets to it. What was the most common thing you've seen with the 4.0L that made this sound? I'm thinking bad valvetrain but I also fear the timing chain is loose in there until the tensioners load up with oil pressure... what do you think?

Second question is for a 2013 Ford F-150 5.0L Coyotes. Now I know most people can't hear things mechanics do, but, I hear a valve rattle related to the VVT system in this Ford 5L. I can sit in the driveway and make it rattle all day by simply tapping on the fuel pedal and fluctuating the RPM, its mostly around 2000-2700 that it's the worst sounding. Quick 1/4 throttle snaps of the pedal. I don't think it sounds right, Ford says its normal (of course). It sounds like marbles on the followers until the VVT catches up, almost like the sound of loose cam bearing caps, but its not that cause it retards and advances as I'm tapping the fuel pedal and then the sound goes away, it also does it during normal driving but not as noticable. It gets 5000km oil changes always and have been running syntec since purchased with 23,000kms. Have you ran into this before, should I get some warranty work done before it runs out? Or is it "normal" as the Ford Dealership says? BTW Ive heard the death rattle of the old 5.4L 3V and it doesn't sound like that. Thanks man, your a funny guy, popping out of trunks and slamming moonshine, your hilarious.

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timing chain tensioners gone bad are #1 on the ford explorer. And of course it should not rattle, but they don't want to give you something for free. i would raise hell about that noise, get in one of their brand new ones, which won't do it, then listen to them B.S.