Hey scotty long time listener here. I have a 2018 f150 with the 2.7l ecoboost v6 and 10 speed auto transmission. It has only 2500 miles. Periodically the truck will not start. Powers on and turns over but won't come to life. After about 2 mins it will come on easy. The other day it didn't start autofter the usual 2 mins of waiting so I took my wife's 2013 f150 to work. The next morning still wouldn't start so had it towed to my dealer for warranty work. I guess when it got to the dealership it started up for them. They scanned the computer and found a code and did a battery reset and have it back to me even though I was persistent that it was likely not the problem and giving them all the above info. After driving back from dealership I made a quick stop and when I tried to start truck it started then died out twice in the parking spot. I had to start it and give it gas for it to I guess warm up and idle normally. Any thoughts on the problem? I was thinking bad fuel pump but I'm no mechanic. I will likely take back to dealer if problems persist.

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the tranny is great. But take it back and video tape it as it acts up on you first. then say, fix it, or give me my money back, Period

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