Hey Scotty!! Long time fan/subscriber of your YouTube videos. Thank you for all the work you do…


Hey Scotty!!

Long time fan/subscriber of your YouTube videos. Thank you for all the work you do with making informative videos and showcasing people's vehicles. My father used to sell Toyota's for 14 years before he retired and I am planning to make my next purchase a Toyota or Lexus vehicle in a few more months.

Before my father passed away, he gave me his 2003 BMW 325i sedan when he stopped driving. I know that generally you are not a fan of BMW/German cars lol, but I have a few problems with it I would like your opinion on. When I turn the a/c on, it does not always blow cold depending on which vents I use. If I have all 3 vents selected, it blows ice cold thru the middle vents but then blows hot thru the top vents near the windshield and also blows hot at the bottom vents near the feet in the front seats. If only select the middle vents, the temperature varies and does not always blow cold. Also, when I have used the front defroster over the winter season, it will blow extremely hot and not always work until I turn the a/c on with it, then it "defrosts" the glass.

Also another issue came up recently when I press the brakes. The steering wheel shakes a bit left to right back and forth upon braking and it varies on how fast the vehicle is going. I took off every wheel yesterday and checked the brake pads, rotors, and calipers for anything that could be wrong. No leaks from the caliper seals, pads and rotors feel fine with no irregularities on them. I checked all the suspension parts and they all seem strong and tight. I don't know what else it could be.

Any input you have would be greatly appreciated, thank you so much in advance Scotty!!

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dirty dan
dirty dan

Ac issue could be caused by a faulty blend actuator. As for the brakes try getting an alignment