Hey Scotty! Long time fan! I’ve got a 99 Honda Civic EX (automatic) and I’ve been feeling like the transmission is acting a little strange, usually when I am driving at about 30 to 40 miles it drives fine, but once I go above 40 the shifts seem like they take a little longer to happen, usually it shifts between 3-4 RPM, but when I start going above 40, it won’t shift till 4 and sometimes 5 RPM. The shifts aren’t hard, just feel slow. I’ve changed the fluid using honda genuine ATF and the only code for the CEL is for the Cat converter? Should I look into getting a new transmission, or does this one still have hope?

typical for those, drive it till it drops, then change the tranny if needed

Thanks for the advice! Also one more quick question. How would you fix that high pitch screech noise whenever you turn your car on? You know the one?

Also, put in a bottle of Lucas atf additive in it after you drained the same amount of atf. Shifting should improve within 200 miles of driving