Hey Scotty, long story but I need your honest opinion here. A while back I asked you about my girlfriend's 11 Impreza ~85k miles - her power steering was really stiff and she heard a whining noise on startup. She also had her CEL turn on last week so we got it into the shop. They replaced the power steering belt and the O2 sensor and everything worked great.

Yesterday though her CEL came back on and read a Random Misfire code. The guys at the shop found that the spark plugs were really worn down and they couldn't get it fixed yesterday so have to go back today. We had to leave it there because when we went to leave she couldn't even move the car. Could the second issue be related to replaceing the O2 sensor? It's a well respected local shop so I don't think they would break anything or try to take advantage of customers but the car seemed to be running fine before that besides the steering issues

those are pain caars, but I would find a better mechanic to work on it who really knows imprezas. If a guy works on your car and you can't even drive it, that's a crap shop.

Thanks Scotty, we may have to bite the bullet and take it to a Subaru dealer since it's mostly chains around us so we might have a hard time finding a specialst. But if you know any good guys in the Philly area lemme know!