Hey Scotty, last night had a major issue. I drivers 2012 Ford F150 XLT 5.0. I Pulled up into a pizza place, picked up what I needed. Started the truck, put it in gear (Reverse) my truck started beeping and ringing, had a wrench pop up on my information center as well as a low oil pressure message. Truck now will not start. Chatters when trying to fire. Oil is good, fuses are good and just replaced fuel pump module a month and some change ago. I have no idea what's going on and it's driving me mad. Could you help me out?

if it really had low pressure , engine oculd easily be broken inside now. clattering shows that. Let a mechanic pressure test the cylinders first, though odds are it's toast now

Update: got it towed back to the house. Wrecker lifted the truck up after looking at it a bit and it fired right up. He decided to leave it running until we got to the house which was less than a mile away. Ran until we got there but as soon as he switched to into reverse it cur off again. A many idea given this new information?

No clattering just like when it's turning over it sound likely goes faster for a bit til you turn the key off.