Hey Scotty, Just did an oil change and filter change on my 2002 VW beetle Turbo 1.8 with full synthetic oil. The old oil was conventional. Is it normal to have a little bit of smoke coming out of the oil cap when I shut off the engine. I went to check the oil and opened the cap and a little smoke came out when the engine was hot. I'm super worried. Is it normal?

Please don't answer questions that you don't know. Please.

Well, I'd only worry if the car is burning oil and you see the oil level dropping over time. Be sure the PCV system is ok with no leaks (usually will see visible oily areas) or clogged PCV valve. VW's can be problematic, especially when they're older like yours, so issues can arise to the point that $ needs to be put into them frequently to maintain them, thus the words Scotty likes to use to describe older German cars, "money pits".

No leaks at all! I checked everything! But thanks

You're welcome and good luck with it! BTW if you want Scotty to answer your concern, repost your question later today around 6 pm U.S. Central standard time and he should get to it between 6 and 8pm.

Ok! Thanks for everything!!!! Cheers!