Hey Scotty ive got a stumpper 2006 Chevy Colorado crew cab RWD 4 banger auto trans.
my colorado only has 121k on the clock but latley my trans has been acting up shifts hard then dosent wanna shift then will shift fine for a month ive drained the pan amd pulled it off didnt see anything out of order so i flushed it anyway and filled it back up was fine for a while and started on the crank shaft sensor after getting it all put back together the trans wants to start being sluggish and rough had it looked at by repair shops transmission repair shops and no one can tell me why “gears arent worn no metalics in the fluid lines look fine” as told by the transmission shop so is there something on the newer tranmissions that could be causeing these issues or shoild i break down amd get a mew trans?

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those are generally only good for that many miles if driven in stop and go traffic a lot. But a pro could road test it with a GM dealer scanner and analyze the transmission for possible solenoid or other problems