Hey scotty, Im a big fan of your YouTube channel and love to watch the video's that you upload.

Now i got a question i got a Seat Leon 1.8 20v turbo same as the Volkswagen mk4 GTI. The problem is my boost pressure is running way to high like 1.6bar of pressure and i dont have any boost leaks could this be a result of a worn wastegate that doesnt open up when needed to or a worn acutator wich isnt doing its job?

I already checked my n75 valve wich controls the wastegate and seems to be working fine

I hope you can help me any further with this issue

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Do you know if the wastegate or Acutator Rod is replaceable individualy without buyinga complete new turbo ? The turbine wheel shows no signs of Wear on the Bearings and the Turbine fans never touched the Turbine housing



yes, bad wastegate. they often rust shut