Hey Scotty I went to a stealership to have my compression checked cause I had a misfire recently that was fixed by cleaning the spark plug maybe the gasoline or the fact that the car was underrevved by my mom cause I gave it to her for a day or I don t know, I m not a mechanic, but now it runs brand new, I had the compression 10, 12, 10, 14 bar, gasoline engine, 1.8 tfsi 93.000 miles.The missfire happened in the 12 bar cylinder.Should I be concerned about the difference in pressure?I mean the car runs great, is powerfull, is smooth, doesn t smoke, doesn t overheat but drinks some oil (it was drinking oil ever since it was brand new and now it drinks as much, it s normal for this one to use, it shouldn t be but whatever) maybe they didn t check the pressure right just so they can make me buy a new engine or new all 4 pistons, cylinder head, head gasket, engine block and many more things, cause that was their opinion on fixing the problem.What do you think, it needs a rebuild?Is there some magic oil that can fix my problem?Or "If it works, don t fix it" haha.Thank you!

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What year, make, model? Some newer models burn oil like nothing doing, by design.