Hey Scotty! I was looking online for used cars because I am almost 16 and that is about when I will get my first car. I still have 5 months to go but I figured it couldn't hurt to start figuring it out now. So my question is how many miles do you think a Ford Ranger should be able to go without needing major work if it was taken care of? I've done research and I've seen people claiming anywhere from 300,000 all the way to 800,000 miles. I honestly don't know if what to believe. Also, how far do you think a 1987-1993 mustang should be able to go without needing major work? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ford makes good trucks as well as the Mustang. They can last a long time if you properly maintain them.

If you are looking to buy a Ranger, you will find ones that are pretty much worn out. Unless you plan on replacing the drivetrain, you would be smart to look at other vehicles. Also - you need to remember ALL the costs involved - the vehicle, insurance, registration, immediate repairs, and so on

Don't buy a truck and don't buy a sports car. Get the newest car you can afford. Me, I would get a Toyota Corolla or RAV4 for a first car.