Hey Scotty,

I was looking hard for a good Lexus RX but got a 2004 IS200se instead (I think it's same as 300 but with a 2l inline six, a measly 150hp) just because good price, awesome condition, maintained at dealership every year, only 53k, one owner.

  1. Is there anything I should pay attention to? (timing belt was replaced last year). Also, I have zero experience with rwd vehicles (but there is really no snow/ice in England).
  2. There is no mention of the oil they been using, I plan to use Castrol Edge 5w30. The manual states a wide range of viscosities, up to 20w50!
  3. Will still need the RX for extra space and towing, but not found a good one yet, last one I saw had thick sludge caked under oil cap - the lip/baffle, so I am planning to invest in a borescope, are the cheap ones from ebay/amazon good enough?

Thank you for all your kind work!

No. 1-2

those are killer engines, just change the oil and filter regularly and NEVER let the engine overheat from cooling system problems. If it burns little oil, 5 30 is fine like that. And those cheap ones work just fine, see this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh9v9qSn87U


I can't answer the first 2 questions, but on the 3rd, Scotty made a video on borescopes - "How to fix your car using a 15 dollar borescope"