Hey Scotty! I've got a 66 international scout that sat around for about 9 years. Just recently I've gotten it back to running and driving around town, but I'm have a weird problem with the carb. When the choke isn't pulled the truck jerks back and forth and doesn't really make any power. Though when its about half pulled it runs just fine though the idle is a little high of course. I was told the carb was rebuilt before it was stored and the inside looks pretty clean but to be sure i blasted everything out with carb clean. I also replaced the fuel pump with a electric one that should be more than capable of keeping up. Not sure on this one please help!

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cool old vehicle. Carb needs fixing or replacing. That old, I normally throw em away and put on an edelbrock brand new one. ALSO make sure gas tank is not all rusted up, rust will bypass filters and ruin carbs