Hey Scotty!,

I've benefitted from your videos, I like your style. Got me started on repairing cars. Saved me a dump trunk of ones.

My BMW 1994 525i inline 6 has a spark plug ejecting out of the third cylinder from the firewall. Swapped coil packs, put a new wire because the old was obliterated. Same thing. It's stripped out the threads to an uneven oval on the head. What are your thoughts of identification?

I plan to get helixcoils to fix the head, but about the pressure? I have a good amount of tools, this is not even the backup to my dd. I like hands on learning.

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I am still seeking if there is a reason why the spark plug blew out. The threads were fine until I tighten them down, when bought, they were less than 20 in lbs tight. Thanks Scotty for the reply. A new head would be horrible, I want to do a full 100K treatment because of the previous owners and redo the head gaskets.



try helixcoils, pray it works or you'll need a new head.