Hey Scotty, I've been watching your videos for the past year or so. I love your content,…


Hey Scotty, I've been watching your videos for the past year or so. I love your content, and you have taught me more about cars than I ever thought I'd ever learn! I've already started using your tips on my family's vehicles to make them last as long as possible! I was hoping to ask you a question regarding muscle cars? I'm wanting to purchase my first muscle car (I got a truck when I was 16), and I am really drawn to the 2012-2014 Dodge Challengers (the 5.7 or 6.4 hemis) with a standard transmission. However, after watching your videos, I'm just not sure anymore. I'm a bigger guy (6 feet 4 inches and 220 lbs.), and love the idea of a big old school style muscle car like the challengers. I've also stayed slightly skeptical of the new flat plane crank 5.0 coyote motors that are in the mustang (I had a friend in highschool sling a rod in one), and I know Chevrolet's QC is arguably worse than Chrysler's at this point. I know that the challengers have a few electrical problems, but if I can find one in good shape and get a good mechanic to give it the all clear, would I still be alright getting the challenger? This would be something of a lifetime investment for me, since I plan to keep it indefinitely. I know this was a pretty long question, but I would really love to hear your opinion!

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One does not discuss Dodge products in terms of "lifetimes" or "investments." You follow Scotty and know he often says that Dodges suffered a reputation as junker cars even back in his grandfather's day.