Hey Scotty, I recently replaced my compressor due to the old clutch bearing going bad. After recharging the system My AC blew cold air for about a week then it went warm again, i took it in to get it filled and have the reading done. when i turned on the AC all the freon came out of the pressure relief valve on the compressor, so we filled it again and watch the pressure gauges on the hi and low side. the reading stayed in range while the compressor ran with freon and once it came out the relief valve. Anyways so yesterday i replaced the pressure relief valve and filled it with a diy can from the parts store. Yet my ac is still blowing warm air, im thinking it could be the expansion valve because during that week that my Ac did work after replacing the compressor i noticed it would go from cold to warm to cold. Any idea or tips before i replaced the expansion valve?

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something is building up too much pressure and blowing that, could be expansion valve or condenser blockage