Hey scotty, i recently replaced a timing chain on my 1998 lumina and now i have a crankshaft sensor code. I am wondering if the metal slotted ring on the back of the harmonic damper can cause that code if it's damaged because my car runs fine, the timing chain is absolutely on correctly but when i removed the damper it slightly bent part of that metal ring. I really appreciate any response, thanks!

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crankshaft position sensors cps may just need to be wiped off...mine are magnetic and sometimes they pick up trash ...you may have a sensor not reading correctly ready to go out...my car i have 2...i am replacing both at once since its such a tough job . ..mine has a upper and lower cps...but absolutely important sensors...usually the car wont start or runs really rough...some die..and some jump time and do internal engine damage. ..if your engine runs good and smooth it may just be a sensor going bad ?mine were 100.00 for both together ...i dont know anything about the ring thing.