Hey Scotty i really need your help. i own a 2014 Ford Fusion and we are getting snow where i live and snow means salt and cinders me and my friend was going somewhere and i herd a sound so i stopped and never herd the sound again. so i got to my destination and when i was backing up i herd it again so i got out of the car and ask my friend to back my car up and he did the nose that it made was aloud metal grinding so i think that it is my break pads but i am not sire so i found you on you tube and you are COOL AND SMART and most of all FUNNY. so the question is do you think that my break pads is wore out or did a rock get in between the break pads and causing this noise. and lastly is my car even safe to drive if you read this can your please respond because i am 10 miles away from my home and if i cant take my car i am just stuck. And i haft to travail off of mountains please help-Thanks-Jacob

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it you have wheels you can see through parts, move the car until the holes are over the brakes and see if the pads are worn down to the metal, OR just remove the tire to check the pads