Hey Scotty I purchased my first car a 2006 Ford Fusion SE from NJ with 56,000 miles in March of 2017 then I had an accident in July 2017. In those four months it only rose to 66,000 miles then it was put it in a garage after the accident. Now that the weather is better here in NYC I decided to fix it which up to this point I'm not sure wether I made the right decision by not junking the car due to its engine and again it being my first car. So I ordered the hood, Header Panel Grille Mounting Panel, Bumper Energy Absorber, Front Bumper Reinforcement, Front bumper and Grille, Front Fenders and Liners, Fog Lights and trim, Side marker lights and Headlights, and Radiator Support Online trying to cut down on my costs at the junkyard mechanics.

I would like your help trying to determine what is causing heavy steering mobility on the wheel after the accident I'm not sure whether the problem is the front inner and outer tie rod ends or front lower control arms or something else but i was able to drive it for 3.5 miles from the accident location to my garage I just dont want to end up being told to change more parts than i have to when i take it to be seen by a mechanic.

In conclusion what I'm saying is if you was to put yourself in my shoes what is your recommendation should i fix and then sell the car and get another car if so which one you recommend for a 26yo. I did just by a new Actron CP9680 Autoscanner like the one you use but what should I do in regards to this situation I have provided pictures below keep in mind I just spent $1,200 on all those aftermarket parts and the best price I got offered for labor and paint job is another $1,100. I would highly appreciate your advice. Thank you.


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therefore at this point I'm screwed then? cause i already ordered the parts all i could do is try to get it fixed for the best price i can get damn thanks



I would have junked it, not worth putting that money into it, easily frame could be bent causing steering problems and much more. Just telling the truth.

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