Hey Scotty!
I need your help. I live in Houston SW and I bought a 2012 f150, recently. I took the truck home and couple of days later, I got a check engine. My code scanner is saying "catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank 1" and "bank 2". (Code P0430 & P0420)

The dealership had replaced both catalysts before I bought it. I took the truck back to Ford dealership twice and they still couldn't solve the issue and it's just a waste of time and gas money for me to keep taking it back. The dealership is in Beaumont. Any ideas??

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by law, federal law, they have to stand behind the cats they sold. MAKE them do it, PERIOD. There are federal laws covering that replacement. IF they can't fix it free, get your money back from the dealership if you bought it there, again, that's law.