Hey Scotty I need some help. And yes I know a joke about me needing mental help for buying this car…

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Hey Scotty I need some help. And yes I know a joke about me needing mental help for buying this car is coming but I am truly at my wits end with it. I bought a 2009 Infiniti G37x with 140k miles on it that had a blown motor in it for under $4k and figured I would do a motor swap and be done with it and that's what I did. I got the new motor in it and had it running for $5500 in total for half an hour. Found out during this process that the woman that owned it before me hadn't done an oil change in 40k miles due to her what was likely her ex-boyfriend setting the computer to be changed every 40k miles so I fixed that. I did 90% of the work on this car. But as I was driving it home I didn't realize my genius of an uncle didn't add enough coolant (I let him do that while I was working on putting the front end back on) and the thermostat housing opened up and that motor overheated to the red as soon as I pulled in my driveway for all of 5 seconds and the stupid aluminum heads warped and the head gasket blew. On top of that somehow anti-freeze did the impossible and found it's way into my fuel lines and my gas tank from my cylinders and I still have no idea how it was even possible but I can prove that it happened. I had just put gas in it at Sheetz and drove it home and when it overheated I parked it in my garage (the gas tank was empty when I filled it) so I know nobody could have poured antifreeze in my gas tank. So I ended up doing a head gasket change and having them machined and low and behold my heads are warped and the gaskets blew. Then I put it all back together to the exact specifications of the Infiniti tech guides for my car (I have PDFs of all of them) do a turn over of fhe engine with no spark plugs in to get oil pressure built up. Then I tried to start it for real and it turned over but no starting happened. It sparks up for a second every time with starter fluid but the injectors were not firing gas into the cylinders. It has proper fuel pressure. So I then hooked up my Snap-on Solus to ut and got 6 codes. 2 were for the VVEL sensors being out of spec which I fixed and those codes are now gone. The other four were all high voltage codes. I have high voltage to both throttle position sensors and the Accelerator pedal position sensor. I checked all of the grounds and made sure a hundred time that all the sensors are plugged in. I then did testing with a multimeter and think there may be a short in the wire harness somewhere but I am not 100% certain. I ran the Infiniti computer self-diagnosis procedure from the secret menu on the MMI and it is showing nothing wrong with the ECU. I took the ECU out and opened it up and checked it as well and there didn't seem to be anything wrong with it physically. I soon found out that trying to find a short in this car is insanely hard due to many wires that have 3 or more wires which are spliced into one and wrapped with tape inside the harness halfway to the ECU making continuity testing unreliable. I am also unsure as to how the APP sensor could have shorted unless it is somehow linked to the TPP sensor since no work was done in the cabin. My next step is likely going to be replacing the wiring harness but if you can tell me another reason that this could have happened then please let me know before I waste the money. I cannot find the short to fix it, at least not with the methods I have tried and the Infiniti tech guides troubleshoot procedure for these codes has been no help at all. I am truly at the end of my ropes with this car. I did too much work on it not to get this thing running so I am not getting rid of it. I can't let this car win. Thanks.

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


hey, pay a pro like me to at least analyze it in person with his equipment, but really, you paid too much for a clunker with a blown engine. Car was worth maybe a grand with a blown engine. You're throwing good money after bad.