Hey Scotty I need some advice. Long story short I took my 2000 Lexus LX 470 to a franchise mechanic shop and it's been in there for TWO WEEKS now. The work I wanted done was to replace/solder on two new pig tail ignition coil connectors - replace the power steering return line hose and supply hose and replace the Front Wheel Bearings. Last week they called me and said they had a hold up because the lexus dealer didn't ship them the two hoses. Now this week they called me and said they ran into a problem trying to remove the wheel bearings on one side. They told me that they were having a hard time removing some of the spindle nuts off of the spindle and have been trying to chisel them off with no luck. He was saying something about a piece broke off somewhere which is why the steering was funky and they are trying to conserve as much of the thread on the spindle because I will need as much of that area as possible when replacing it. Anyway they said they had to order an oem part for the truck from a junk yard that had it out of state so now we are waiting on that to arrive.

My question is is this normal in your line of work and can you possibly explain to me the problem they are having with a spindle/wheel bearing. I really don't understand.

Should I raise hell since they are taking so long? Or should I just be nice?


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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


not normal, you are dealing with either crooks or idiots (or both.) Go elsewhere FAST

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