Hey Scotty. I'm trying to replace the inner tie rod ends for my 2007 Honda Civic Si (141k miles) and I have searched all over my area and out of 8 total tie rods brought to me only 2 fit on the power steering rack, while the others were not the right thread size on the rack end. The two I have on the vehicle now are two different brands (Beck and Arnley and Duralast) fit into the rack, however I took it to Firestone for an alignment and they said the Beck and Arnley inner was too short and even with the outer tie rod bottomed out, it was out of alignment. They said the thread pitch on the Duralast inner tie rod was off, as the toe degree was changing too slow, however the lock nut that came with the new Duralast inner was twice the size as the OEM jam nut. My steering wheel is also about 30 degrees off of center. I really want to avoid going to my local Honda dealer as at this point I'm unsure if anybody has the right part for my vehicle. Any suggestions on what I should do to remedy the situation??

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


i use these guys, 1 713 227 1544 they ship.