Hey Scotty, I'm trying to do my grandmother's spark plugs on her car. The engine is cold, and I unscrewed it with a spark plug socket and ratchet. However, I couldn't get the socket off of the plug when I tried to screw it back in. I got the plug out off the car. So, I need to seperate the plug from the socket once I screw it in. How do you think I'm supposed to do that?

get a socket that fits better that isn't so tight, or put some silicone lube inside the socket before inserting the plug into it

I finished the job today. It didn't really work when I tried your suggestions. However, the rubber insert that was in it, that was the main problem, came out of the socket, and onto the head of the spark plug I was going to change. That made it way easier. So now I can use that rubber insert, as a special tool to pick up the spark plug with it, so I don't have to worry.