Hey Scotty, I'm looking to buy a car and I found a decent one but I called the place and they said that it would not start. They said the computer was bad or something... could it be a fuse or a bad starter? Or is it just corrosion? If the computer is bad where would you recommend buying a new one? It's a 2002 Mazda Protege5 4-Door Wagon 2L. If you could call the dealer and inquire about the car and see what you think the problem is. If you find out, could you let me know if you think I could fix it or if it is a lost cause. That would be great thanks! -Anthony

Thank you.

But from what i have been informed what do you think could be wrong with it?

If it was just a case of a bad fuse or a bad starter how come they didn't fix it up themselves? Just about anything could be wrong with the car incl a blown engine and/or transmission, you cannot check it out if it doesn't start.

Onus is on Dealer to bring it up to a minimal standard, which includes getting vehicle to the point where it will start. Read Vladchan's comment. A potential Buyer has to evaluate the integrity of a Dealer, especially a Dealer with a Service Dept., who won't fix the starter problem so a Buyer can reasonably hope to evaluate it.

Also, if the Dealer won't fix it so it starts how can you evaluate if it was flooded in Hurricane Harvey or other flooding events? This case does not pass "The Sniff Test."