Hey Scotty, I'm having some really difficult time with my 1993 Toyota Supra. I know its a pretty old car but I love it. I busted my upper coolant hose, but quickly fixed it. But now it drops the RPM drastically when I drive or when I let it idle but runs perfectly when it doesn't On a good day it would run perfect for at least 25 mins till it starts to drop the RPM again. I have cleaned and replaced a lot of the wires and components that were covered in coolant but still no luck. Im thinking that I could be losing power somewhere when the RPM drops. Any thoughts?

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those old things, I have a customer with one who finally gave up. So old diagnostics is almost impossible not being OBD 2, but new enough that it's fuel injected and electronically complex . But from my experience, often a bad mass air flow sensor does just that