Hey Scotty, I'm having problems with my 1998 Ford Explorer sport. Recently installed LED bulbs on to my explorer. At first when I installed the led bulbs everything seem normal. The next 2 days I was doing some late gardening work outside behind my vehicle and I noticed something wrong with the bulbs and the 3rd brake light. The bulbs started flickering intensely fast even though the vehicle wasn't on. So was the 3rd brake light which Is also LED from the factory. I made sure of the fuses and relays of my explorer were ok and they were all normal. Please help me with this Scotty. Thanks for reading. I also placed some extra information down below if needed

Other info:
Flashers and reverse lights are functional OEM bulbs expect brake lights.

Nothing else was done to the wiring nor the plug. (No wires cut, no "upgrades") all stock

LED Bulbs are the correct specification to the plug.

Fuses and relays to the lights are functional

LED bulbs still do there job normally such as lighting up when supposed to and turn on when nighttime lights are on

Puddle lamps (lights under the mirror) are also LED and nothing else