Hey Scotty, I'm having fits with an issue. I have an 06 Toyota Tacoma V6. It was losing coolant over a period of a few days. Never noticed a leak or a fog coming out of the tail pipe on a cold start. Truck runs great. Not rough, no miss, nothing. No water in the oil or anything. Only problem was it would start running hot while idling once it got low on water, and the check engine light had a code for Catalytic mixtures. I changed the spark plugs and wires and gave it a tune up but code still read the same. The converters do seem stopped up judging by the flow out the tail pipe. However it doesn't appear to be losing power. I changed the water pump, fan clutch and radiator. Since the radiator change, I'm not noticing it losing water. If it is, it's very little. I planned on putting on new converters, but I hate to do so knowing something in the engine caused the converters to stop up. Could it possibly have a cracked head even though there are no real symptoms other than the water is/was going somewhere? Any suggestions before I change the converters would be greatly appreciated

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sounds like possible blowing head gasket, so start with my video "how to tell if your head gasket is blown"