Hey Scotty! I'm currently driving a 2002 Ford Taurus SHO that has 123,000 miles and is starting slow as well as having trouble shifting down from 2nd to first gear when the engine is cold, and after sending it to a mechanic they said the only issue they could find was that the torque converter was going bad. Since this isn't the first issue I've had with the car and it only cost $1,300 I'm thinking it would probably be a good idea to get a new one, especially since I have to drive home(400 mile round trip) every 3 weeks. So what car would you recommend to a college kid with about a $3500 budget. Thanks for you reply!

get something like an older toyota camry, great cars

All the ones I'm seeing are close to or over 200,000 miles, do you think that would be an issue?