Hey Scotty! I'm confident that you're the man with the answer. I have watched your videos on similar issues but I think my fix may be something else. Here's the synopsis:

-2009 Dodge Nitro 3.7L V6 4x4 Automatic -199k Miles and counting, I drive it daily -Absolutely NO leaks are to be seen beneath

Main Issue: Overheats at idle. Cools down when moving. Other symptoms: squeaky belt that never stops squeaking, no cold air with A/C (not sure if the compressor is engaging), tried to refill it but it won't take the charge. these things may not be related but I thought I'd throw them in there

I've not tried anything except observing visually. I've noticed that once it reaches normal temperature, the cooling fan DOES come on. The water pump doesn't sound indicative of bad bearings. And I don't see that any of the pulleys are loose. Coolant is clean, no signs of rust. It is green though. Should it be orange/red?

I saw your video about the fan clutch. Not sure that this is my issue. Also, there is no coolant in the overflow. Should there be at all times? A neighbor told me it should always be full.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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fan clutch, or the radiator is corroded inside and can't dissipate heat at idle correctly