Hey Scotty I left this comment on your ig because I didn’t know how to use this app but now I do Soo
My dads 2000 Ford Explorer temp needle is going up and down like crazy especially in stop and go traffic, we had the thermostat changed water pump radiator and hoses. We know the head gasket is going out but when we got it back after all these fixes it still overheats with antifreeze in the reservior and radiator. Also the whole engine bay is covered with antifreeze my dad isn’t planning on taking the car anymore but what do you think is the best option for this case and there’s also a bad smell of antifreeze coming from the inside of the truck and the engine smells like gas with 2 exhaust leaks by the catylic converter and front of the exhaust so with all these issues is it worth fixing

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junk it, or rebuild the engine. I'd junk it myself