Hey Scotty! I know you already have a video posted regarding removal of a harmonic balancer. I am driving a 2005 Hyundai Tiburon 2.7 Liter engine. I was wondering where to locate the woodruff key to replace it as putting the harmonic balancer on without it can be a risk, and what parts are necessary to remove in order to replace the harmonica balancer? Sorry if this is a repeat of any other questions / answers... new to this whole thing. Thanks for any help.

the key should be pressed into the crankshaft. If not, and it's gone, go to a machine shop, they have all sizes, but can be very hard to find. You might just go to a dealer and buy it there

I got the new harmonic balancer and put it on but never removed the crankshaft is this risky to not replace the woodruff key? The center hole in the old pulley was no longer round it was an oblong shape. I guess I am just curious if this could have also caused damage to my crankshaft itself.


Thanks so much for your response I appreciate any help you can give me