Hey Scotty I know I already asked a question on your website but I haven't gotten a second response yet, and am hoping for an answer on car talk. On my 97' F-250 HD 5.8 the engine surges as if I am feathering the throttle at any acceleration beyond 10 mph. When the issue started it happened every once in a while about every couple weeks.
So far I have replaced-
-Transmission (E4OD)
-Transmission Wiring Harness
-ATF fluid and Filter
-Torque Converter
-Spark Plugs
-Distributor Cap
-Plug Wires

I've Tested-
-Fuel Pressure
-Grounds are good

Codes OBD 1 so no live diagnostice
172 Running lean
538 TPS not registered during KOER test

I've brought it to 3 mechanics and all of them gave up and recommended me to someone else
Thanks Scotty
-Sam Tucker

No. 1-3

I forgot to mention that there is no surging and the truck runs fine if I manually select 1, 2, or r the surging is only up until 35 mph


Thanks Scotty will do



if it has a maf sensor, replace that. Also pressure test the fuel pump for BOTH pressure AND volume, they can put out pressure but not enough volume. AND pressure clean the fuel injectors, realizing they may need replacing being that old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKGI9N_yWd0