Hey Scotty, I just watched your new video on Slick 50, I've always heard putting Slick 50, Marvel Mystery oil, and other oil additives once they break down, cause terrible bearing wear, and the bearings go out faster. I have a friend in Canada that says he put Slick 50 in his jeep after he changed the oil, and about 2 months later, his main crankshaft bearings went out, and he came close to tearing his entire engine up! So what do u think?

that's nonsense, unless he put it in a totally crudded up engine. Now teflon does have a tendency to bond with metal, so if an engine is all clogged up inside, the teflon can bind on the oil pick up screeen for the oil pump and clog things up that were already almost all clogged up already, yes. But the engine was going out anyway.

Okay, thanks scotty!!

And i have another question, my dad's friend, has '96 Dodge 2500, His alternator gauge showed it wasn't charging, took it to O'reilly auto, and they tested the Alternator, tested good 3 times. Check all the connections, and put a new crank sensor on it, but it still shows the Alt. not charging.?