Hey Scotty. I just wanted to follow up with the Vehicle issue I've been having and get your opinion…


Hey Scotty. I just wanted to follow up with the Vehicle issue I've been having and get your opinion since no shop can help me and they only recommend the dealer.

2000 Lexus LX 470. 240k miles. New Battery. Starter. Fuel Pump.

I've had that intermittent crank no start problem. The vehicle was at the mechanic shop for a week and he said he couldn't get it started and he couldn't get communication with the computer.

I had the vehicle towed back to my house. As soon as the tow truck dropped it off It started right up. For the last two days, I've been starting it up multiple times with no issue.

The information I've found from reading all the Landcruiser forums with owners who have the same exact crank no start issue is that it has something to do with Lexus's security immobilizer kicking in.

The temporary fix people used is switching out the 20amp EFI fuse with a 30 amp and that will at least get it started for a few days or weeks.

A longer-term fix people have mentioned is installing a diy bypass kit that bypasses the bad EFI relay circuit in the fuse box so that the immobilizer system gets adequate power supply for starting the car.

I found all the info here. https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/efi-relay-bypass-kit-immobilizer-fix-for-uzj100-lx470.952811/

In your experience with cars do these fixes sound accurate and do you have any related additional tips/hacks that I can use to make the vehicle reliable again since I use it as my work vehicle. For some reason, it's starting at the moment but at some point, I'll get that crank no start so I just want to be proactive and try to figure this thing out since shops don't want to touch it.


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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


yes, you can try all that, I advise not to buy such cars myself when used cause they turn into electrical nightmares with age