Hey Scotty , i just changing my car's battery which last about 2 years, my car originally comes with N40 size small battery, my friend told me this kind of battery wont last long becoz of the small size of it, izzit true? i got some question for u, can i just upgrade my battery frm N40 to N60 which will bigger size, can my alternator charge bigger battery? will it hurt or harm any electronic parts in my car? for your information, my car battery's rack only fits N40 battery, it doesn't fit any bigger size battery , i need to modified it to bigger rack, and the positive cable and negative cable also come with small size connector that can fit N40 battery, N60 battery terminal will need bigger cable connector, if for u, what will u do, stay in N40 or upgrade it?

as long as it fits in the car, bigger cranking amps is better. They just make em small cause those cost less to manufacture.

Thx to daihatsu, they make small car and the battery get small too

I will modified it in coming battery change, ty vry much scotty