Hey scotty I hv 2002 civic lx 1.7L SOHC manual transmission with160 000 mile.. thermostat went bad .. temperature reached H mark. Stoped wait to cool off .. next day put new thermostat. I believe the heat damaged either head gasket / cracked the head..

I noticed temp. Gauge going higher than normal (* which never happened) and some times the radiator reservoir over flowing.. with radiator is like half empty after i checked it..removed the thermostat and the cap on resovir.. its drivable now, with the hot/cold dial on cold seems ok.. the minute i change the dial to hot , car heats up more often than not.. i noticed the blue coolant color is not clean anymore. No heat coming from Ac anymore...engine check light is on. i think combustion gases leaking to radiator.. pls help , am here in canada imagine driving up here with no heat in coming winter .. NOT fun.... new gasket parts/labour around $1000 Canadian..

1.Would u recommend temp seal stuff..am thinking either blue devil or steel seal or something else u recommend??

  1. Am afraid of blocking the heater core with these stuff.. my qs: if i used one of the above with Air blower is off and heat dial all the way to cold would it still circulate to the heater core??

  2. Would appreciate any suggestions for fixing the car for the next 12 month..

thanks scotty Joe/ Canada

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


try the bars headgasket sealer, steel seal can't be used with that honda coolant.