Hey Scotty, I have watched your videos on the Toyota Celica and now I want one! I'm tired of my slow 98 Honda Civic dx(45k miles) and was wondering what you thought of the 2000 Celica gts. The one I'm looking at as about 125k miles and is going for about $3k.

If it has the yamaha designed engine and not the toyota one, do not buy it, they are disaster engines.


Thanks for the heads up!

You’re gonna swap a 45k mile car for one with 125k? Your Honda probably still has got a lot of life left, and while Toyotas can probably go to over 200k, I wouldn’t do that. Just my opinion though, I’m no expert; on the contrary actually, sort of a noob but I know a bit. Also the 2000 is a newer generation of the Celica with a way more electronics than Scotty’s, so do make sure there’s no problems with the computers and everything if you’re gonna get it

I must admit though that you will look much cooler driving the Celica 😎


Yeah I agree. I love that my Honda is old and has low mileage. It's very reliable and has plenty of life left. It's just that it's very slow and is boring to drive and the automatic transmission just feels so sloppy. The best case would be to keep the Honda as a daily driver and have something more fun for the weekends. But if I could make my Civic faster with a manual transmission without breaking the bank I would lol