Hey Scotty, I have some questions about Nissan/Infiniti: Are Infiniti G25 and QX4 made before 1999 good cars? Does the partnership with Renault have to do with Nissan and Infiniti vehicles being money pits these days? Are G35 and G37 more reliable/better choices than the BMW 3 Series? I want to your thoughts about the G35 and G37 because some people tell me that their Infiniti Gs are very reliable vehicles. Speaking of Infiniti Gs, which of these vehicles will last a long time: Infiniti G35/G37 coupe with manual transmission or Nissan 350z/370z NISMO (stick shift only edition)? Thank you in advance.

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they are better than the new ones, yes. But I would never buy one myself, especially the new ones or any newer BMWs either. If you must, get a G35 with a standard tranny