Hey Scotty, I have just 2 questions about my 1999 Toyota Camry Le 4 cylinder. I recently purchased with only 72k miles on it. Car was from Dallas TX no rust. The car has had several flushes to the coolant system, and thermostat and heater core was replaced by previous owner within last year. However I am still having poor Heat issues. It gets warm, but only really gets warm when accelerating. What could be the issue. I tried purging any air in system, but it doesnt really have any air. Secondly I noticed my clock getting dim when not accelerating and brighter when accelerating. The battery is new and I figured the alternator was bad. I replaced and it was on its last legs. However my car clock still seems to get dim, but if i hit it with my finger it brightens up. Could it be the fuse? or maybe a bigger electrical problem?

clogged up heater cores do that all the time. Odds are yours needs replacing. As for dimming, have the battery and alternator load tested, auto zones do that free

Be sure you're using a Toyota oem thermostat, often times aftermarket ones don't work right. The dimming sounds like an issue with the clock's internals if the wiring connector to it is fine. Try a used one and see if that then works properly.