Hey Scotty, I have had another couple of problems on my 2004 Saturn L300 that have begun to occur in the last couple of days. First, and most importantly, the car will not start. For about a week or so now, it was seeming like I was having to crank the key longer than normal to get the car to start. Today, I was running the radio a bit while cleaning the car and went to leave and the car would not start. When I use the fob to unlock the car, the head and tail lamps turn on for a second, then start flickering, same goes for the dashboard lights, at the same time, there is a ticking noise that occurs, but stops once the lights go off. The car makes a little tick sound when turning the key but will not start even when I tried to jump it, so I did not know where to go from there. Also, whenever I am backing up or hit bumps, I am hearing a pop/springy noise in those two scenarios. Thank you again for all of your help.

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try a new starter motor and check the wiring from the battery to the ignition switch and back to the starter, those often short out the computer part of the starter wiring