Hey Scotty, i have another question for you. I own a 2004 VW Jetta 1.8t. Awhile back I changed the camshaft posistion sensor because some mornings I would start the car and it would have a really rough idle like it was misfiring or something. I scanned the code and it was for the CPS so I changed it and now it runs even worse. any ideas on how to fix this? I could alse upload a video if that would help. Thank you!

realize vws are complex money pits at that age, and working on one without a vag com can tool to analyze and do bidirectional testing is just pure guess work. I know many of them need the computer reset to accept a new cps, you might check that first. I would also question the sensor itself if NOT a vw oem factory part, chinese aftermarket parts for those are often JUNK


I thought the same thing so I put the old one back on and it does the same thing. Where do you recommend I take it to get the computer reset?