Hey Scotty, I have a Volkswagen Golf Mk4 2.0 Automatic transmission 2004 model here in Dubai, probably imported from Japan, it has 177000 on its odo, I purchased this car 6 months ago, I got the air filter cleaned, I changed the Engine oil with filter when it was 174000, and also the transmission oil but not the transmission filter, I come across a problem with gear from the day I purchased. When the car gets a little warmed up it struggles to go in reverse (sometimes it moves normally in between), and when the vehicle is running for 1 hr+ it confuses itself in changing gears when moving forward, it also struggles to hit high speed(140kph+) when the engine is running for a while basically losing power at high speed, would you please suggest me solution as the local mechanics here ask me to change the whole transmission but I think you have the right solution for this problem as I am following all your videos.

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already answered this somewhere else you posted it